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Frozen Semen Center

To increase the productivity of indigenous cattle and buffaloe, three Frozen Semen Stations are established in Karnataka where frozen semen produced from exotic breed pedigreed bulls is distributed to all veterinary institutions across the State.


Animal Husbandry And Veterinary Services
Details of  Government Frozen Semen Production and Processing Centers
Sl No. District Taluk Name of the Center and Address  Total Land available
(in acres)
Breeds Maintained Nos Avg; No of Semen Straws Produced per month Avg; No of Semen straws distributed for govt., vet., institution per month Avg; No of Semen straws Sold per month Other Activities Contact;
Telephone No;
Mail Id;
Bulls Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
1 Bangaluru (U) Yalahanka FSS-I
Frozen semen collection and processing center, Hessaraghatta, 
FSS-I is part of LBTC(Jersey), Hesaraghatta  B HF 13 13 80000 75000 Sale of Frozen semen straws is being done by FSDC, Hesaraghatta. 01. Production of Quality disease free frozen semen straws from Indigenous and Exotic breed bulls. These straws are  used for AI in the departmental veterinary institutions of  Bangalore Division Districts (09 Districts) DEPUTY DIRECTOR, STATE LIVESTOCK BREEDING AND TRAINING CEMTRE, HESARAGHATTA, BANGALORE-88     Phone No: 080 28466397
Mail Id:
Jersey  17 17 70000 75000 02. Producing the Frozen semen straws from Imported HF and Jersey bulls.
Hallikar 11 11 15000 15000 03. Supplying the frozen semen straws for AI under NAIP.
Amrithmahal 10 10 5000 0 04. In house fodder production for both bulls and bull mothers.
Gir 3 3 0 0  
Murrah  5 5 5000 5000  
Surti 2 2 5000 10000  
CBHF 1 1 0 0  
CHJY 1 1 0 0  
2 Bangaluru (U) Yalahanka FSS-II
Frozen semen collection and processing center, Hessaraghatta, 
12.5 A HF,          Jersey,           HF X,       Jersey X,      Gir,        Sahiwal, Hallikar, Amrithmahal         Nil Fodder Production in 6 acres of Land 080-284406271  
3 Dharwada  Dharwada  Frozen semen collection and processing center, Dharwad 63 B HF (i), CBHF, JY, CBJY,
HF(I)=05 (D)
 CBHF=02 (F)
JY= 04 (D)
 CBJY=04 (2 D, 2 F)
KH=14 (11 D, 3 F)
 HK= 05 (2 D, 3 F)
GR=01 (F)
 MG=02 (D)
KV=01 (D)
 MR=17 (5 D, 12F)
55 HF (I)=  20000
JY=  16000
KH= 22,000
HK= 4000
85,000            -   Deputy Director, Livestock Breeding and Training centre, UAS campus, Dharwad -580005
0836-2441965 (O)
4 Koppala Koppala Frozen semen collection and processing center, Munirabad 108.33 Yet to be Evaluatedby CMU Deoni-03 .  Hallikar-04,  Khillar-04,     Krishna Valley-01, CBHF-07,                JY-01,                     CBJY-03,                 Murrah-10,   Tharparkar-08 41 41 45,000 16,200 5000 Preparation for the first evaluation by CMU is in progress Deputy Director, Frozen Semen Station. MUNIRABAD- 583233.Koppal Tq and Dist  Ph 08539-270246  


Sire Evaluation Cell

Sl.No Subject Language Source of Document Size View
1 Sire Directory English Department of Animal Husbandary and Fisheries 36.09 MB View

Important responsibilities of sire evaluation cell are as follows:

  • To evaluate the pedigree & quality of Bulls/Buffaloe Bulls.
  • Scientific handling and storage of Frozen Semen.
  • Preservation and improvement of indigenous breeds.
  • Distribution of Frozen Semen to all districts and maintain the quality of Frozen Semen in this process.
  • Restrict exotic genetic character to 50% in indigenous cross breeds.
  • To control/prevent in-breeding.

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