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The department of Animal Husbandry   Veterinary Services started functioning independently from 1945. The department is playing a vital role in providing healthcare services to livestock, extension and training to farmers, implementation of Socioeconomic programs, coducting Sample Survey and Animal Census programs periodically in the State.

July 12, 1945 Gazette Notification



1572-1600: Cattle development activity in the State was initiated by Viceroy of Vijayanagar at Srirangapattana by bringing Hallikar cows from Vijayanagar and naming the institute as 'KARU HATTI'.

1767-1704: Their highness Mysore maharajas added cows from time-to-time to this Karu Hatti and provided 'KAVALS' in different parts of their Kingdom. The then Mysore Maharaja, his highness Shri Chikkadevaraj Wadeyar named this establishment as 'BENNE CHAVADI' (meaning source of butter).

1799: Tippu Sultan, during his reign changed the name from Benne Chavadi to more popular 'AMRITH MAHAL' (meaniing source of milk to Royal Palace). He took special interest for the development of Amrith Mahal breed and enforced regulations for improvement of the Department through royal decree.

1799-1881: After Tippu Sultan’s reign, the management of Amrith Mahal department was taken over by the British, who continued in the same lines as Tippu Sultan to sustain the development of Amrith Mahal cattle for milk production, draught and warfare purposes. The department comprising of 143 Kavals was transferred to British military assistants incharge.

1897: A separate 'Superintendent' was appointed exclusively to look after the management of Amrith Mahal department.

1915-16: Amrith Mahal department was transferred to Agriculture Department and steps were taken for this wing being headed/supervised by experts from the field of Animal Husbandry.

1945: Amrith Mahal wing was separated from the Department of Agriculture and made as Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Mysore State.


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